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Notes Of Car Light Modification Methods And Summary

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    1. Enhance The Power

    This is the most simple and cheapest way. Example, replaced the 50 watt 100 watt, but this effect is not ideal, not simply double the brightness. On the contrary, due to increased wattage, current and heat multiplied, leading to accelerated melting lamp aging, and head, returned to the generator, Fuse, battery caused an excessive burden, and many vehicles are due to spontaneous combustion caused by random modification. Therefore, the lights of the upgrade should not increase the wattage of the original car lights as a precondition. This method does not suggest that you use. If we must choose, it is recommended that security be assured we use the well-known brands. Currently on the market there is a normal power (55W-60W) halogen bulb upgrades, such as Philips very fresh light, night lights aurora, that is, the situation does not change the power, through high technology to produce high brightness bulb. It should be noted that another advantage of these bulbs in full compliance with national laws and regulations, not an obstacle to driving on the other side.

    2. Retrofit Headlight Booster

    Auto Parts in a number of shopping sites and the city was known as the emergence of a booster vehicle headlamps products, the price from tens of dollars to the hundred dollars, is said to enhance the light levels of 30%. Booster is now available in the market to sell, in fact, a transformer, it needs to destroy some of the original car lines, the load line will become larger, the impact on the light bulb is that it will certainly reduce the life of many. Booster may be able to play some brightening effect, but absolutely no business boasts so God

3. Facelift Lens Lighting System

    Many owners have heard of a "angel eye" lens light assembly. It is modeled on the BMW lighting system, based on the conventional lens lighting, and installation of a circle of light-emitting LED lights, lights within a distance of four circles.

    In fact, the headlight lens assembly has long been popular style, this kind of reflection than the traditional lighting system has better lighting effects, light concentration, light bulbs, after reflection through the lens is more penetrating and clear and tidy cut-off line of the vehicles will not have a strong sense of glare.

    But downside is the relatively high cost of conversion, but also two or three thousand dollars cheaper and does not apply to all owners, and manufacturers are now producing quality is also good and the bad, poor quality of the lens assembly may not achieve light results, but also to the safety and security. Therefore, this installation method in accordance with the needs of individual preferences and select modify.

   4. Modified Xenon Headlamps

    Xenon is only a general term, because the market from the price of the yuan to 1,500 yuan to import called HID xenon lamp, but the quality varies greatly, even some seemingly made Xenon HID headlamps, but the unorthodox high-pressure discharge light source, coupled with cost low ignition coil and modified line group, much damage the original lighting and electrical systems, addition, because Xenon high intensity lighting, high-brightness light scattering like more easily lead to accidents. Therefore, the owners of the high brightness requirements, often recommend the use of a guaranteed brand portfolio kit xenon headlamps. So we must be doubly cautious when purchasing options.

    HID Xenon gas discharge, said school headlamps, it is wrapped in the quartz tube with high pressure xenon gas instead of the traditional tungsten filament. It is not tungsten wire, to not oxidized and blown concerns, very durable; its high brightness, the brightness of the lights is generally 2 to 3 times.

    Minutes from the brand-xenon headlamps with these famous brands: OSRAM, Philips, South Korea KDG, Germany, Hella, flying general, domestic security light, light show, exhibition days, Fei Puke technology and so on.

 Tips:Some owners like xenon headlamps lighting effects, that can shake the driver across the halo is a good light, in fact everyone knows, so that unauthorized alterations xenon headlamps, not only in foreign countries is illegal, even in the country will also be difficult to pass the annual inspection of vehicles punishment. Because high intensity xenon lamp lighting, high-brightness light scattering would like to car drivers to stimulate the opposite view, but easily lead to accidents, many countries require the installation of a xenon lamp equipped with a set of vehicles but also lens system to allow range of vehicle lights and more focused. Therefore, a single xenon lamp conversion is not desirable, if you want to improve the cars lighting system, it is recommended usually used to upgrade the quality of a halogen lamp or xenon headlights protection of the brand portfolio package.


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